Charity Projects

Amity was set-up to partner with charities worldwide.
The sector is hugely important to us. We know great content really makes a difference to the people they serve. We work with grassroots charities like This Is Rubbish and bigger organisations like Oxfam.

Stop The Rot

Amity produces campaign films to impact policy and change the status-quo.

UK supermarkets throw out over 7 million tonnes of food annually. This is Rubbish approached Amity to translate this complex issue into a high-impact, visually-striking, food-policy changing film. 300,000 signatures led to food-waste policy changing talks in Parliament.

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End Youth Homelessness (1min edit)

This film helped End Youth Homelessness succeed in securing significant corporate sponsorship for their Transforming Futures programme, meaning they can continue helping young people find employment and education for a further five years.

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Orri Banki

We partner with small charities to relay their message to a wider community, promoting discussion and impacting change.

On 2nd August 2015 fifteen year old Shira Banki was murdered by an Orthodox Jew whilst attending Gay Pride in Jerusalem. The Shira Banki Clinic was set-up to advance a dialogue of tolerance and respect.

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Save a Childs Heart

Amity stands with cross-border charities working to alleviate suffering within communities less able to provide critical healthcare and support.

We were given the opportunity to document a life in the day of renowned heart surgeon Dr Lior Sasson. Working voluntarily he's performed over 4500 operations and trained more than 100 doctors from developing countries.

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Personal testimonial films celebrate the incredible work individuals are doing within their community.

Amity teamed up with Jewish News to celebrate positive initiatives in the Anglo-Jewry community as part of the Night of Heroes. This is the story of what one boy achieved so no other child would go through the same difficulty again.

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"As a small charity with limited budget, we had never had the opportunity to create our own film content before. When the opportunity arose, we really didn’t know what to expect. However, Matt and the team at Amity completely blew our expectations out the water! They captured the message we wanted to portray exactly - creating a film that was emotive, informative and beautifully set. With our little experience, Matt’s direction was exactly what we needed to make the film the success it was. The result was an honest and moving film, that really portrayed our young people and their job coaches as the stars that they are."

Madeleine Klimowicz
Corporate Development Officer
End Youth Homelessness