Past Clients

"As a small charity with limited budget, we had never had the opportunity to create our own film content before. When the opportunity arose, we really didn’t know what to expect. However, Matt and the team at Amity completely blew our expectations out the water! They captured the message we wanted to portray exactly - creating a film that was emotive, informative and beautifully set. With our little experience, Matt’s direction was exactly what we needed to make the film the success it was. The result was an honest and moving film, that really portrayed our young people and their job coaches as the stars that they are."

Madeleine Klimowicz
Corporate Development Officer
End Youth Homelessness

"Matt put his heart and soul into this project and it shows. The original brief was for an internal film to show Pret teams how our Rising Stars programme for the homeless works. It soon became obvious that we had to share the film with our customers too – in fact it was so good that we made it the focus of our Christmas campaign. Matt didn’t just follow and film our Rising Stars, he spent his own time really getting to know them and their stories over many months, and the result is an honest and ultimately uplifting film. The process of working with Matt was a lot of fun and the film itself received an overwhelmingly positive response from customers.”

Julia Monroe
Head of Digital and Communications